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The department of Visas in First for Translation Services:

First Translation Services Company offers the service of booking appointments for foreign embassies and consulates inside The Arab Republic of Egypt. In addition, we help our customers to get visas for the following countries (America - Britain - Canada - Australia - France - Germany - Italy - Switzerland - Sweden - Russia - Ukraine - Hangary - Austria - Holland - Spain - China - Thailand - Norway - Portugal - Malaysia and Belgium ) We go through the visa formalities for the countries mentioned above, so that the customer will be notified of the necessity to provide translated and certified papers to the embassy or the consulate , which will be given the papers and we will inform the customer of the papers required according to the rules of each Embassy or Consulate. The price of the visa is determined according to the established procedures for each embassy or consulate and the time required.

Please contact customer service representatives in tourist visas section:

Mobil: 01009668071

E-mail: Visa@firsttranslation.net